Best Manpower office management Software

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Braionics leads the market with best Security & facility Manpower software ,which makes your all business day in and day out Easy

Integrated Dash Board to Drive your Business  works in all device to ensure your Mobility

Security  Manpower Management Features:

1.Client management  (Basic, da, hra as per the designation) 

2.Employee and Uniform Deduction

3.Attendance(Attendance per employee, multi select and All Attendance) 

4.Employee from other Unit Attendance

5.Attendance report(D&N, Shift, 1,2,3) 

6.Attendance report using from to end search

7.Attendance count per designation

8.Bill(With Gst & With out Gst) 

7.Bill report with Rate per hour and Rate per Month

8.Salary deduction per Unit

9.Uniform Deduction with emi

10.Gst report

11.Uniform Master

12.User previlege




16.Types of service

17.Uniform Stock report


19.Uniform Stock in

20.Consolidate report

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